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As a professional and experienced Breast Pump supplier in China, KingSenBaby will be your premier choice. Since 2015, KingSenBaby focuses on quality and safety make us get repeated orders of clients from Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. We have a professional team of R&D and production, advanced technologies, attractive designs and high quality. Our products pass all critical consumer safety standards including GS and EN. There are many unique unique and innovative product look will expand your breast pump market and your business. KingSen Baby's breast pumps mainly include double/single electric breast pumps, wearable breast pumps, etc.

You can find all the styles you want at KingSenBaby!

Order Value-Increased Breast Pump to Boost Your Business with Reaching:

  • Hospital Grade Health Safety:All breast pumps are made of 100% food grade high quality silicone hospital grade safe material, BPA free, ensuring your baby can KKbreastfeed safely.
  • Anti-return design: The professional closed system anti-return design prevents breast milk from flowing back into the motor or pipe, protects mother and baby from bacteria, and keeps breast milk fresh and clean.
  • Intelligent frequency conversion: Multi-mode painless bionic fast sucking, which can be adjusted according to each mother's preferences, imitating the baby's actual sucking frequency, helping fast, comfortable and painless sucking, ensuring that each mother can find her own rhythm, and Produce more milk in less time and reduce breast discomfort.
  • Ultra-quiet: Ultra-quiet technology produces smooth vibrations, providing a comfortable and quiet environment for babies and mothers. So mom doesn't have to worry about waking her baby up during naps or pumping at bedtime.
  • Leak-proof: 3D soft silicone massage pad, provides a perfect seal and fit to solve the problem of milk leakage. Soft silicone makes pumping more comfortable, and the cushioning pad fits your body better and improves pumping efficiency.
  • Portable and compact: KingSenBaby's breast pump is small and easy to carry, especially suitable for full-time or part-time mothers. The built-in high-capacity lithium battery makes the electric breast pump have a longer life and is very suitable for traveling and going out!

Ideal for Moms: Our goal is to provide high-quality breastfeeding products to moms around the world, freeing moms’ hands, making breastfeeding comfortable with electric breast pumps, and allowing moms to find the right balance of nutrients in their breast milk to take care of baby. Help get the best breast pump for mom and baby to grow into healthy, strong toddlers.

Our breast pumps have many unique looks and you can find many new ideas based on the decorations above. With changes in market demand, we will adjust the appearance and function of the product at any time to provide the most timely solution for your business.

That's what we can do for you, for any project or idea, we can provide different solutions to support LOGO customization! Meet your needs and unique branding needs at an affordable price.

KingSenbaby has been in the mother and baby products industry for 7 years, we are willing to provide valuable advice to your business with our professional team and production facilities.

Fast response time is critical to both of us and that's KingSenbaby's strength, we offer 24/7 service so your issues can be resolved quickly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us -

Our dynamic team values ​​barrier-free communication, fluent English skills and relevant product knowledge that can reduce friction in the process. achieve team care.

Your thoughts and do everything to bring you the most value and minimize your problems.

Boost your breast pump business with KingSenbaby!

Breast Pump Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Choosing a breast pump manufacturer can be a challenging task.

Whether it is a safety issue or a product quality issue, it is very important.

That's why this guide will answer all your breast pump questions. Keep reading to learn more.


1 Why Buy Breast Pump From Breast Pump Manufacturer In China? >>

2 What Types Of Breast Pump Do You Offer? >>

3 Which Materials Do You Use To Make Breast Pump? >>

4 Which Materials Do You Use To Make Breast Pump? >>

5 Will Breast Pump Manufacturer In China Help In Shipping Breast Pump? >>

1 Why Buy Breast Pump From Breast Pump Manufacturer In China?

You should consider buying breast pump from China manufacturers due to several reasons.

China manufacturers use the latest innovative technology in the manufacturing of breast pump. This is what sets our products apart from the rest.

We have invested heavily in modern technology and continue to adopt the latest development to ensure we are not left behind.

Besides, we are the leading country when it comes to manufacture of breast pump. This is attributed to that fact that we have several years of experience and the high number of production turnover.

We source our raw materials locally and cheaply and also have access to cheap human labor.

This makes our cost of production low hence we are able to offer you affordable rates.

China is a developed country with a well-connected transport system throughout its cities.

Our factories have easy access to rail, road, water and air transportation making shipping of your orders very easy and fast.

This has made it possible for our global clients to order from wherever they are and have their orders delivered hassle-free.

2 What Types Of Breast Pump Do You Offer?

We manufacture different types of breast pumps, such as Electric Breast Pumps and Wearable Breast Pumps.

Electric Breast Pump

At present, most of the breast pumps on the market are electric. We have eliminated the most common manual breast pumps, and closely follow the market demand to manufacture a hands-free all-electric breast pump.

The breast pump is divided into bilateral breast pumping and unilateral breast pumping, multi-mode and multi-frequency, mothers can adjust the appropriate gear according to their own situation and needs.

Wearable Breast Pumps

This breast pump combines the advantages of an electric breast pump, frees hands more, and is specially made for working mothers. On the premise of providing safe materials, it adopts a multi-functional manufacturing method, even if the mother is doing housework, it can be pumped. Breast pump is small and portable, supports outdoor use, accept use anytime, anywhere.

3 Which Materials Do You Use To Make Breast Pump?

Most of the breast pumps on the market are made of PP. The high temperature resistance of this material is only 85°. If it is washed with boiling water, it is easy to wash and deform. KingSenbaby effectively avoids this problem. The safety materials used include:

PPSU (Polyphenylene sulfone resins): can withstand repeated steam sterilization, high temperature resistance of 180°, hard hardness, long service life

All products are BPA and PVC free, latex free, phthalate free. Passed all important consumer safety standards including GS and EN.

4 How Do Breast Pump Manufacturers Control Quality?

Quality control is a major concern if we are to ensure production of good quality Breast Pump products.

We control quality in different ways such as:

  • We have clearly defined quality standard checks for the entire process. 
  • Carrying out pre-production inspection of materials and processes. 
  • Inspecting during the manufacturing process and at the end of manufacturing processes. 
  • We also do inspection on individual products before packaging to ensure that compromised air fryers do not reach the clients. 
  • Our quality check personnel also undergo training every now and then to ensure that we keep up with internationally recognized standards.
5 Will Breast Pump Manufacturer In China Help In Shipping Breast Pump?

There are several ways of shipping your breast pump order from China to your destination.

We have access to ocean, rail, air and road transport methods of shipping depending on your location and preference. Bulk orders from outside China are mostly shipped via ocean freight due to their size and rate. This method takes longer and is cheaper in the long run.

Air freight can be done for very few order within or without China borders as per your instructions.

Rail and truck shipping can be done for bulk size breast pump orders within China in different cities.

All the freight cost is borne by customers and can be paid to us directly or to the shipping company accounts.