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As a professional and experienced Electric Breast Pump supplier in China, KingSenBaby will be your premier choice. Since 2015, KingSenBaby focuses on quality and safety make us get repeated orders of clients from Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. We have a professional team of R&D and production, advanced technologies, attractive designs and high quality. Our products pass all critical consumer safety standards including GS and EN. There are many unique unique and innovative product look will expand your breast pump market and your business. KingSen Baby's breast pumps mainly include double/single electric breast pumps, wearable breast pumps, etc. 

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Order Value-Increased Electric Breast Pump to Boost Your Business with Reaching:
  • Safe Material: All breast pumps are FDA certified, made of 100% food grade high quality silicone material PPSU, BPA free, and CE and CPC obtained. Ensure your baby is safe breastfeeding. Don't worry about other potential substances leaching into mom's breast milk. Except for the electrical part, all parts can be flexibly disassembled and cleaned. The breast pump material is heat resistant up to 180° and has a long service life.
  • Ultra-Quiet LCD Touch Screen: LCD blue light digital display allows you to see the screen clearly at night, easy-to-use buttons to avoid accidental touches caused by wet hands. The new design concept improves the experience and meets more needs of breastfeeding mothers. Innovative suction technology, the sound is less than 55 decibels when using, soft pumping will not wake the baby, quiet and secure.
  • Anti-backflow design: The professional backflow protection system prevents the secondary backflow of breast milk from entering the electric breast pump, protects mothers and babies from bacteria, and keeps breast milk fresh and clean. Don't worry about potentially harmful substances getting into breast milk. Even pouring the bottle will not contaminate the pump by backflowing breast milk.
  • Leak-proof: 3D soft silicone massage pad, provides a perfect seal and fit to solve the problem of milk leakage. Soft silicone makes pumping more comfortable, and the cushioning pad fits your body better and improves pumping efficiency.
  • Intelligent frequency conversion: Multi-mode and multi-frequency, mothers can choose the appropriate gear according to their needs. During the sucking process, the intelligent frequency conversion can gently stimulate the secret
  • Rechargeable and Portable: Built-in rechargeable battery makes it easy to pump water anytime, anywhere. Battery life is 3 hours between charges. Small, lightweight and portable breast pump that can be easily carried wherever you go. Great for everyday puffs on the go.
  • Efficient and painless fast sucking: Double breast pump design can suck more efficiently and provide more breast milk (80-300mmHg) in less time. It can save up to 80% of the time compared to the average breast pump, which is really important for new mothers. The soft massage silicone pad mimics your baby's sucking rhythm, providing a soft, warm feeling.

is one of the popular manufacturers and suppliers of Breast Pump in China. We have many designs and styles of breast pumps, and the R&D team is constantly innovating the appearance and function to help you expand the range of choices and lay out the market. If you need a high quality durable and safe breast pump, KingSenBaby is the perfect choice, offering an excellent solution for your breast pump needs.

The material requirements for the selection of breast pumps are very high, which involves the safety of mothers and babies, so it is very important to choose a suitable and guaranteed breast pump. In this era, there are more and more roles for women, not only to take care of the family but also to do a good job. Moms who can't be separated really need a portable and compact breast pump that can be used at any time. KingSenBaby's breast pump is recommended one. It is perfect for full-time or part-time moms due to its excellent properties and features.

KingSenBaby breast pump always puts the safety of baby and mother first, all breast pumps are BPA free and pass all key consumer safety standards including GS and EN. In addition, with the advancement of technology Progress, KingSenBaby's breast pumps all have LCD touch screen, blue light digital display so mothers can see the screen clearly at night, easy to use buttons, can avoid accidental touch caused by wet hands. The new design concept improves the experience and meets more needs of breastfeeding mothers.

With the KingSenBaby breast pump, you can easily clean it without much hassle. Each part can be assembled and disassembled flexibly. Except for the electrical parts, all other removable parts are dishwasher safe. For healthier use, boil all parts that come into contact with breast milk (about 5 minutes) before use.

Ideal for Moms: Our goal is to provide high-quality breastfeeding products to moms around the world, freeing moms’ hands, making breastfeeding comfortable with electric breast pumps, and allowing moms to find the right balance of nutrients in their breast milk to take care of baby. Help get the best breast pump for mom and baby to grow into healthy, strong toddlers.

Our breast pumps have many unique looks and you can find many new ideas based on the decorations above. With changes in market demand, we will adjust the appearance and function of the product at any time to provide the most timely solution for your business.

That's what we can do for you, for any project or idea, we can provide different solutions to support LOGO customization! Meet your needs and unique branding needs at an affordable price.

KingSenbaby has been in the mother and baby products industry for 7 years, we are willing to provide valuable advice to your business with our professional team and production facilities.

Fast response time is critical to both of us and that's KingSenbaby's strength, we offer 24/7 service so your issues can be resolved quickly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us -

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