Aug 17, 2022
Things like diapers, wipes and car seats are essential to most parents when they set up their baby registration office. But a lot of equipment has fallen into the middle of the "must haves and must haves" debate, and bottle heaters and sterilizers are the two most popular items that parents often cannot decide.

Whether you want to add any of these products to your baby's registry usually depends on your personal preference. But in order to make a decision, you need some information first. We are debating and sharing information, advantages and disadvantages and some ideas on whether these two baby equipment gadgets are worth your valuable counter space.

Bottle heater and bottle sterilizer: what you need to know

Before you decide whether you need a bottle warmer or sterilizer (or neither!) Before that, let's give a quick overview.

What is a thermos?

The bottle heater is a safe and effective small tool that can quickly heat breast milk or formula bottles. Most milk warmers are operated by electricity and need to be plugged in. However, there are some battery powered options in the market.

Most bottle warmers use steam or hot water to quickly heat bottles of various sizes. Heaters usually have different heating settings as well as temperature control settings and automatic off switches to prevent overheating. Paci can even be used to thaw frozen breast milk or baby food.

What is a bottle sterilizer?

The bottle sterilizer is a machine that can quickly eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and bacteria in baby bottles and other small items such as pacifiers, pacifiers and gum. Most bottle sterilizers rely on electricity and use steam in the disinfection process, although some sterilizers now use ultraviolet light instead of steam to eliminate bacteria by decomposing the DNA of bacteria at the molecular level. Some steam sterilizers do not need to be plugged in and can be used in the microwave oven.

Sterilizers come in a variety of sizes and prices. Many also have trays or baskets inside to keep smaller items in order.

Advantages and disadvantages of bottle heater and bottle sterilizer

Now let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of thermos and sterilizer and everything in between.

Advantages of bottle heater:
1. Speed. The bottle heater can quickly heat your bottle, which is a particularly good advantage when your child howls at 3:00 a.m
2. Safety. Most bottle heaters have a built-in function to prevent overheating, so you never have to worry about giving your baby too hot.
3. Ease of use and reliability. Pour your breast milk or formula into the bottle, put it into the heater, press a button (if you are using a microwave sterilizer, press several buttons), and you can start using it. Use the same simple steps each time, and you know you will always get the same results.

Disadvantages of bottle heater:
1. Space. Do you really need another baby product to make a mess of your home?
2. Dependence. Although we don't really believe in developing "bad habits" in babies, if this is the only option they have ever provided, your children may start to prefer warm milk. Although some parents can completely accept this, others think it is inconvenient and they would rather not take the risk.
3. Too complicated. A cup or bowl and some warm water can easily accomplish the same task as a milk warmer. Why make your life (even more) complicated?

Advantages of bottle sterilizer:
1. Comfortable. Yes, there are other ways to sterilize the bottle (a large pot of boiling water is enough), but you can't beat the ease of use of the sterilizer.
2. Germanphone is friendly. Do (most) babies need sterilized bottles? No, (see below for more details.) But it certainly won't do any harm. For some parents, it's a simple way to calm down when they are already full of anxiety. Rock 'n' roll, bacterial phobia.

Disadvantages of bottle sterilizer:
1. Unnecessary. According to several pediatricians we interviewed, there is no medical reason other than disinfecting your baby bottle before the first use unless your doctor advises. (if your baby has low immune function or is premature, your doctor may recommend that you disinfect the bottle regularly.)
2. Space. Like the bottle heater, the sterilizer is another device that occupies valuable counter space.
3. Cost. When you can do the same thing with a pot and a few glasses of water in the kitchen drawer, do you really need to spend money on extra equipment?
4. Anxiety. Having a bottle sterilizer on hand may have the opposite effect, allowing you to know more about bacteria and bacteria, rather than what you did not choose to quickly sterilize your baby. As a new parent, this is another thing for an already long to-do list.

Bottom line: do I really need a bottle warmer?

Like many things about parenting, whether you need a bottle warmer is a matter of personal preference.

The milk warmer may be suitable for you in the following cases:

  • Your baby shows a strong preference for hot milk. (this usually happens to infants who are mainly breastfed and are used to heating their milk from the source!)
  • You often feed your baby frozen breast milk and want a quick thawing method.
  • Don't you think both methods are applicable to you? Then skip at will. It's easy to heat a bottle with a cup or small bowl and some warm water in the kitchen sink. (however, you may want to skip the microwave heating because it is not recommended.) You can also continue to provide your baby with cold breast milk or room temperature formula - many babies don't mind at all.
Bottom line: do I really need a bottle sterilizer?

The situation of the bottle sterilizer is roughly the same as that of the bottle heater - whether or not you should add one, two or both of these items to your baby's registry, there is no correct answer to either.

The bottle sterilizer may be suitable for you in the following cases:

  • Your baby is premature or immune system is damaged. Your doctor recommends that you disinfect the bottle and feeding supplies regularly.
  • You will pump water frequently and need a quick and effective method to disinfect the pump parts regularly.
  • Bacteria, bad! You think the sterilizer can help you worry less about one thing as a new parent.
  • If you do not belong to any of the above categories, please save some counter space for yourself and completely skip the bottle sterilizer. You will save money, kitchen space and some time of the day.
If you think you may want to disinfect your feeding supplies occasionally, but you are not ready to put them into full use, then microwave disinfection bags may be a good choice for you. Most of them are packaged and can be reused many times. They are more affordable than traditional sterilizers and occupy much less space.

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