Aug 04, 2022
How to Choose A Bottle Sterilizer?

Moms and dads all know that it is very important to ensure the hygiene of baby's feeding bottles, pacifiers and toys, especially feeding bottles, because we are cleaning the feeding bottles, pacifiers and other related utensils for babies. Milk can easily become a breeding ground for various bacteria, which seriously affects the health of babies. Most people believe in the old-fashioned method - scald it with boiling water. However, boiling water can only effectively eliminate most of the bacteria on the surface, and there are still prerequisites. It needs to be maintained in a high temperature environment for a long time to completely kill these bacteria. But the bacteria on the bottle is more than that, many hidden in invisible places, posing a threat to the baby's health.

If you want to kill bacteria more effectively and thoroughly, a bottle sterilizer is a good choice. But in the face of all kinds of bottle sterilizers on the market, it is a headache for novice mothers and fathers. Today, putting aside the complicated parameters and principles, and simplifying the complexity, let's talk to everyone: what types of baby bottle sterilizers are available, and how to choose a baby bottle sterilizer.

1. The sterilization principle of the bottle sterilizer
There are two main types of disinfection cabinets for babies on the market today, one is a steam disinfection cabinet and the other is an ultraviolet disinfection cabinet.
(1) Steam sterilizer
By heating, the water is boiled to generate high-temperature steam, so as to achieve a disinfection and sterilization effect. To put it simply, steam sterilization is the boiled sterilization that we often use, but it is changed from boiling to steam, and the temperature is higher.

1) Cheap: Most baby bottle steam sterilizers are between 100~400.
2) Comprehensive: Because it is sterilized by high-temperature steam, the sterilization can be achieved wherever the steam can reach, and there is no dead angle. There are no strict requirements on the structure and light transmittance of the utensils to be sterilized.
3) Re-cleaning: The high-temperature water vapor can dissolve and fall off the unwashed milk scale in the bottle to achieve secondary cleaning.

1) The steam sterilizer needs to be filled with water before use, which needs to be replaced frequently, which is inconvenient to operate, and the chassis is prone to scale and is not easy to clean.
2) Due to high temperature sterilization, some items that are not resistant to high temperature such as plastic milk bottles cannot be sterilized; at the same time, high temperature sterilization will cause discoloration or even deformation of objects.
3) Steam disinfection is full of high-temperature steam, especially if there are children at home, it is easy to cause burns and is not particularly safe.
(2) UV sterilizer
Through the irradiation of ultraviolet light, the DNA structure of microorganisms is destroyed and changed, so that the bacteria immediately die or cannot reproduce, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

1) The products and types it can sterilize will be more abundant. In addition to tableware, feeding bottles, pacifiers, and teethers, it can also sterilize such silicone toys, and even sterilize and comfort dolls.
2) The sterilization speed is fast, the stability is high, and the disinfection can be completed in a short time.
3) It is safer to be sterilized at low temperature.

1) The UV penetration effect is weak; some materials are not suitable for UV disinfection, which will accelerate aging and turn yellow.
2) The sterilization ability is strong, but there will be dead corners, and the places where the ultraviolet rays cannot shine may not be completely sterilized.
3) Compared with the steam sterilizer, the price is high, but compared to the cost of milk powder diapers, I feel this money is very worthwhile.
These two types of disinfection cabinets have their own advantages and disadvantages. We cannot arbitrarily judge which one is better. We must purchase according to actual needs. At present, many disinfection cabinets on the market use double disinfection methods.

2. How to choose a bottle sterilizer
(1) Identify the brand
Three-free mother and baby products cannot be purchased, cannot listen to business advertisements, and are greedy for cheap. Choosing a good brand of products, not only the quality control is assured, but also the after-sale service.

(2) Look at the capacity
When you buy, you need to buy according to your own needs. It is not the bigger the better. Generally, 3-4 feeding bottles are enough to feed the baby. , Generally, the purchase of 18~28L can fully meet the disinfection needs of a baby.

(3) Look at the style
There are two main types of bottle sterilization cabinets: split type and integrated type.

The advantage of the split type sterilizer is that it can be disassembled. When cleaning by yourself in the later stage, all parts can be disassembled, which is convenient for cleaning; The advantages of the integrated sterilizer are that the cleaning time is long and the sealing performance is good. The disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to clean.

There are many parents who do not know which one to choose. When sterilizing baby bottles, the best disinfection effect is in a sealed environment, so the integrated sealed bottle sterilizer is the best choice.

(4) Sterilizer material
The bottle sterilizer must be of high quality, and the things used for the baby should not be sloppy. At present, the plastic materials in the sterilizers sold on the market are mostly PP materials that are resistant to high temperature and durable; the electric heating plate is made of 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, while the aluminum electric heating plate is easily corroded.

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