Aug 05, 2022
How to Use the Baby Bottle Warmer and Milk Modulator Kettle?

After choosing the baby bottle warmer and milk modulator kettle, there are problems that stumped parents. The things are bought back, but how to use them is the most correct? How can we get the best out of the product? Next, let's learn how to use the milk warmer and milk conditioner!

How to use the baby bottle warmer:

1. Put the bottle holder into the container.

2. Put the bottle with milk into the container.

3. Add water to the container, and the water surface should be 2cm away from the top.

4. Cover with the thermal insulation dust cover.

5. Add about one-quarter to one-third of the water to the warmer.

6. Turn on the power supply, and insert the flat plug and the round plug into the machine and the power supply respectively. Press the switch; warm milk button, the red indicator light of the machine flashes, indicating that it is heating. After about 8-12 minutes, the green indicator light is on, and the milk in the bottle is close to the temperature of breast milk, and then the machine automatically maintains a constant temperature.

7. When you need to feed your baby, take out the bottle with milk from the container, and then dry the surface of the bottle with a dry towel, then you can feed your baby.

How to use the milk modulator kettle:

1. Clean the glass pot first, and pour it into direct drinking water (cold boiled water or pure water), and the water volume does not exceed the maximum water level (700ml). Dry the bottom of the glass pot and place it on the heating plate steadily (please remove the shockproof paper pad before use).

2. Connect the socket to the 220V power supply, turn on the temperature control switch, and the power indicator light is on. ①If you can directly drink water (such as cold boiled water, direct drinking water, pure water, etc.), directly adjust the temperature control switch to the "40°C" insulation position, and the machine will automatically cool down or heat up. ②If heating is required, adjust the temperature control switch to the "high temperature" position, and then adjust the knob to the "40°C" position after the water is heated.

3. When the water is cooled or heated to a temperature suitable for infants to drink (38°C-42°C, close to the temperature of breast milk), the cooling or heating will automatically stop and maintain a constant temperature, and the middle of the temperature-sensitive patch on the pot body will display green ( OK), indicating that it is ready to drink.

4. Pour a few milliliters of constant temperature water into the feeding bottle, add an appropriate amount of milk powder in proportion, and shake well to feed the baby.

5. If the baby drinks water, pour the constant temperature water into the water cup or bottle to feed directly.

6. If you want a higher water temperature, such as brewing rice noodles, you can turn the temperature knob clockwise, but at this time, the water temperature has exceeded the temperature measurement range of the temperature sensing patch and cannot be displayed.

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