Aug 17, 2022
After the baby is 6 months old, he should start to eat grains to get nutrition. Breast milk and milk powder can not meet the needs of the baby's body. Usually, the baby is fed with soup, porridge, fruit puree, vegetable puree and other better digested foods. So the question comes: do you need machines to make fruit puree and vegetable puree? Yes, some cooking machines may be used by mothers to make baby's food conveniently and quickly. One advantage of using the cooking machine is that the food can be processed very finely and the baby can eat it more conveniently. However, some mothers think that the cooking machine is useless and there is no need to buy it. Is it necessary to buy the auxiliary food cooking machine?

As for baby products, mothers are also very cautious. Whether to use auxiliary food cooking machine or not, mothers also have their own opinions. Some people think that the food made by the auxiliary food processing mechanism is fine and smooth, which is easy for the baby to swallow, simple to operate, and can save a lot of time; However, some mothers think that there is no need to buy a cooking machine. For example, meat can be chopped very fine by hand, and there is no need to operate with the help of a cooking machine. Besides, whether these machines are safe and non-toxic is also a problem. Mothers have their own ideas, but in the end, they all want to let the baby have a happy meal. Can the auxiliary food processor let the baby enjoy the mother's love food happily?

For mothers who have enough time to take care of their children at home, it seems that there is no need to buy auxiliary food cooking machines. However, for mothers who have no time to take care of their children at home, they really need such a machine. It is very convenient to stew soup or make some grains for their babies. However, one thing that can not be ignored is that the auxiliary food cooking machine can indeed make food more smooth, and some mothers think that the soup made by the cooking machine is very good, and they can consider buying it. In fact, these machines can continue to be used even when the baby grows up, and will not be idle at home to cause waste.

Auxiliary food processing machine, a small helper to take care of the baby's daily diet. The baby can't continue to feed milk powder after 6 months. He should eat some grains, drink some soup, eat porridge, and nutritious fruit puree and vegetable puree for the baby to enjoy. However, the baby is still young, and the food should be very thin. If it is too thick, the baby can not eat it. At this time, you can throw all kinds of food into the machine with the help of the auxiliary food processing machine, and you can make fine and smooth food that the baby can easily swallow. Yes, the auxiliary food cooking machine is a food making machine, which liberates the mother's hands and helps the baby cook.

Usually, the auxiliary food cooking machine can be used to cook things, cook soup and porridge, and also can be used to squeeze juice, make fruit puree and vegetable puree. It has complete functions and is convenient to use. It is very suitable for working mothers who have little time to take care of their baby's diet. One of the advantages of making food with auxiliary food processing machine is that it makes the food more delicate and smooth. The baby is still young and the teeth are not full. Soft and rotten food is very necessary. Auxiliary food processing machine is such an existence. There are many brands of auxiliary food cooking machines. The more famous ones are Jiuyang, Midea, Xinanyi, Philips and so on. Mothers can buy them according to their needs.

There are skills in choosing baby auxiliary food cooking machines. Of course, it is not difficult for smart mothers to choose cooking machines. In fact, there are four aspects. First, whether it is convenient and easy to use. There are manual and electric auxiliary food cooking machines. In the electrical age, of course, electric ones are more convenient. Manual operation tests mother's proficiency in machine operation; Second, whether the machine is safe and whether the materials are non-toxic. If the cooking machine used to make food produces toxic chemicals, it will naturally not work. Third, return to reality, if the cooking machine is not easy to clean, it is really too troublesome; Fourth, the function of the machine is very important whether the food produced is smooth.

  • Electric or manual

There are manual and electric auxiliary food handlers. If it is electric, it needs to consider the safety of the machine, such as whether there is power-off protection, whether the power will be cut off automatically, and whether the operation is convenient. If it is manual, it needs to consider whether the machine is durable and whether the steps will be cumbersome.

  • Does the material produce harmful substances?

The machine materials that are in close contact with food must be safe and non-toxic. Pay attention to the materials when purchasing food handlers. It is best to choose food grade plastics and do not precipitate chemical substances.

  • Is cleaning convenient?

Since the cooking machine is multifunctional, the structure is relatively complex. Generally, the cooking machine has a cover, a filter screen, a blade, a juice cup, a slag cup, etc. whether these parts can be disassembled for cleaning is more confusing.

  • Will the food become smooth

The reason why I bought the auxiliary food processing machine is that the food will become smooth after passing through the machine, which is better than manual operation. Of course, it is also very important whether it is convenient to use.

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