UV Sterilizer Cabinet & Drying Box For Baby Products

Products Mode: SKBS-005
Material: PP+SS304
Product Size: 32*34*34.5cm
Carton Size: 42*38.5*43cm
Net Weight: 4.9KG
Age Group: 0-12 Years

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Place: Ningbo, China
Port: Ningbo
Sample: Free for 7 days
Min. Order: 50 pcs
Delivery: 20-30 Days
Supply Ability: 20000pcs/per month
Payment: TT, L/C
Packing: 1pcs /color box

Bottle Sterilizer in One UV Baby Sterilizer Milk Bottle UV Sterilizer Wholesale Fashion Appearance All Seasons Drying Two in

▲360° Comprehensive Disinfection:  Professional UV sterilizer bag which has built-in stainless steel holder, so disinfected items can hang In the bag with powerful UV lamp beads for 360° complete disinfection.

▲Large Capacity: The uv sterilizer size: 32*34*34.5cm, large enough capacity uvc sterilizer for many sterilization products, such as cell phones, tablets, mouse, glasses, beauty and personal care tools, underwear, socks, etc.

▲Safe & Waste-Free Design: This UV sterilizers are Real UVC LED physical disinfection with no radiation, no chemicals and no ozone. Others can be mercury light disinfection, it will produce ozone and chemical reactions that are harmful to human mucosa.

▲High Quality and Durability: UV-c sterilizer is made of more durable pu leather with the touch of baby skin, looks more luxurious and high-end. The lifespan of the lamp beads is up to 10,000 hours. This UV sterilizer built-in gravity sensor can automatically turn off UV lamps once the lid is opened to prevent damage to eyes and skin.

Product name
Milk Bottle UV Sterilizer
Dring and sterilizer baby bottle
Product Size
Color box
Net Weight
Age Group
0-12 Years
Carton size