Wireless Wearable Electric Breast Pump with Touch Screen, 3 Modes & 9 Levels

Products Mode: KS-EBP1019
Material: PPSU, PP, Silicon, PP, ABS,Silicon
Weight: About 395g
Size: 81 x 66 x 62 mm
Color: Green,grey,pink
Certification: CE, ROHS, LFGB, EN14350

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Place: Ningbo, China
Port: Ningbo
Sample: Free for 7 days
Min. Order: 50 pcs
Delivery: 20-30 Days
Supply Ability: 20000pcs/per month
Payment: TT, L/C
Packing: 1pcs /color box

Women Breastfeeding With Digital Touch Screen

▲USB Charging Electric Breast Pump: Our portable cordless breast pump comes with a rechargeable battery. The cordless breast pump has a capacity of 150 ml / 5 oz and weighs only 350g, it can be carried in your breast pump backpack.

▲3 Modes and 9 Levels Breast Pump: 1) Portable breast pumping mode Imitating the baby's actual sucking frequency. 2) The massage mode stimulates the breasts before pumping to help fast, comfortable and painless sucking. Uniform deep sucking and release milk expression mode Soft and fast frequency vibration, stimulation of breast secretion, enhance breast milk efficiency of breast pumping. 3) The mixed mode was multiple massages, one breast pumping.

▲Food Grade Silica Gel & Anti-Backflow Design: This portable electric breast pump uses food grade silicone, which fits human skin, has good air tightness; BPA-free, non-toxic, odourless, easy to disassemble and clean, with the professional backflow protection system, it keeps breast milk clean.

▲Super Silent and Easy to Clean Electric Breast Pumps: This unique electric breast pump at work Sound less than 45dB, does not disturb the baby. sleep, no more embarrassing, and satisfy mothers to comfortably breastfeed anytime, anywhere. Each component of our breast pumps can be flexibly assembled and disassembled. Except electrical parts, all other removable parts are easy to clean.

▲Note and Help: 1. Suggestion for mode: massage to dredge the breasts before pumping, imitate the baby's pumping way and increase milk production. 2. It is recommended that the portable breast pump sit in a comfortable posture to improve efficiency 3. The container of the electric breast pump is marked with a graduation line (30-150 ml) 4. If you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact us.

  Driven Type


  Material Feature   BPA Free
  Certificate   CE, ROHS, LFGB, EN14350
  Battery   Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  OEM&ODM   Support to customized product color, manual book, color box, gift box, etc.
  Optional Accessory   PPSU Milk Bottle, Milk Storage Bag, USB Connector, Breast Shield etc.
  Warranty   1 Year